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Talitha has integrated herself into our company with ease and has allowed us to push our thinking and vision for what we truly want RoleWorks to become. It is an absolute pleasure working with her.

When we approached Talitha and The Lurid Republic in 2017 we were in need of a tailored fit to support our early stage growth as a tech startup in the HR industry. We knew we needed to incorporate Social Media and Marketing as part of our brand's growth strategy but we weren't really sure where to start. When we dug deeper into what The Lurid Republic was all about as an agency, we were impressed by the depth of their client portfolio, and unique ability to offer diverse, tailored deliverables to fit specific client needs.

After a series of telephone interviews, and project pitch, we began our journey together in February of 2018. In the 5 months since we have been particularly impressed with TLR's client management, ability to create unique content with the right fit for our brand and internal vision and ability to move with the tide, applying working knowledge to all aspects of the business outside direct Marketing, such as PR, sales, and promotion.

One of our aspirations has been to market our position as thought leaders in the HR industry and build relevant and engaging content within the inbound marketing funnel, as a driver for new sales. We feel that our relationship with TLR has given us the ability to do that successfully, through the creation of meaningful and engaging content that really understands and communicates our unique position in the market.

Carol Brown,
CEO and Co-Founder

Diocesan School for Girls

"The Lurid Republic quickly became an invaluable partner to our small marketing team. Their depth of skills and experience meant we had a partner we could call on to assist us with problem solving, idea generation, strategic thinking, and creative design solutions."

The Lurid Republic has worked as a Creative Design Consultant for Diocesan School for Girls for a period of 6 years. During this time they have contributed significantly to the development of the Diocesan brand through the creation of key marketing collateral and advertising campaigns consistent with the Diocesan brand guidelines.

The Lurid Republic has an impeccable work ethic and could always be relied upon to deliver projects on time and within budget. They have built a very strong and effective partnership with the team at Dio and have been called upon by various areas within the School to provide creative support. They have immersed themselves in our industry, gaining an in-depth understanding of the complexity of our sector and the competitive landscape in which we operate. They listen with an open mind and continually challenge and stretch our thinking.

Rachel Gardiner, Head of Marketing, Diocesan School for Girls


We approached The Lurid Republic to work with us as we knew we needed the marketing to support our sales team but really didn't know where to start or how it would all take shape. We have a unique niche market of customers and TLR understood our wants and needs when it comes to communicating with potential customers. After various calls and support from them around how the project might work, we were convinced by the level of service and support they offered and decided to take the plunge.

We were particularly impressed by the quick formulation of a unique strategy for VidApp and how it may be implemented with our various resources. Utilizing this strategy to develop new leads for our business and in-house management of our team to deliver engaging and effective inbound marketing has seen our relationship with TLR deliver tangible ROI for VidApp through their work on our inbound marketing.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Talitha and the team at The Lurid Republic and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Dave Hancock, CEO, VidApp